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Of course you can use my lessons for personal

use without prior request!


I ask groups or forums, to send me a request

with link and banner by email.


All groups or forums that have received a written

authorization to use my lessons are included

under "Groups" and registered and linked.


So it would be nice if you would place and

link my banner to my site.


If you have made a tutorial of me,

would you please add a link to my site?


I wrote my lessons under my former name "Black4Roses",

I will write new lessons under my new name "Paradise Darkness"


My lessons are copyrighted and may not:

* Be copied

* Issued as yourself

* Displayed on other sites

* Offered on other sites to download

* Adult edits made

* Be offered as an E-Book

* Foreign linked

* Translated without my permission

* Without my permission to be rewritten for other graphics programs.


My made tubes, which I offering to download,


may not be altered or issued as a tube of yourself.


The copied layers can not be erased or rewritten.


They may not be shared through tube subgroups.


Any similarities to other tutorials is purely coincidental!


I try to respect the copyright of others,


despiteall precautions would have violated copyright.


Please send me an email and I will immediately

delete the corresponding image.







All Black4Roses Tutorials are registered with TWI





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