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This tutorial was made in PSP 9, but can be made in all versions.


For this lesson your need the following plugins:

MuRa's Seamless - Emboss at Alpha

BorderMania - Frame #2

You can download the plugins HERE


Material hier

It contains: 1 tube - 1 mask - 1 font.

The tube is by Tina - the mask is by Ilonka.



Install the plugins before you start PSP.

Place the mask in your Mask folder.

Open PSP.

Open the tube in PSP.

Open the font and minimize it, or load fonts by Tool of font FXplorer and it's in your font in PSP.


Step 1

Set your foreground color to #fffff9 - or at your choice.

Set your background color to #e01814 - or at your choice.

Open a transparent image of 500 x 500 pixels.

Flood fill your image with your background color.

Step 2

Layers - New raster layer.

Flood fill this layer with your foreground color.

Layers - Load/save mask - Load mask from disk - load mask 'flower1_Ilonka' - with these settings:

Layers - Merge - Merge group.

Effects - Plugins - MuRa's Seamless - Emboss at Alpha - see image below:

With these settings:

Step 3

Copy tube 'TINA (19)'.

Paste as a new layer on your working image.

Move your tube a little to the right and down, so the text fits above your image - see main image.

Effects - Plugins - MuRa's Seamless - Emboss at Alpha - same settings as before.

Effects - 3D Effects - Drop shadow:

Vert and Hor minus 2 - Opacity 50 - Blur 3 - color black.

Step 4

Activate your Preset Shapes - Oval - see image below:

Draw a circle right below.

Start a little under the upper left corner - about where the arrow point is - see image below:

Step 5

Layers - New raster layer.

Activate your Text tool - font TypographerFraktur-Shadow - with these settings:

Go with your mouse over the outline of the circle until you see an A in half a circle - see image below:

Type your text.

If the text is on its place:

Layers - Convert to raster layer.

If the text isn't quite good, then go to the middle square until you see 2 arrows - see image below:

Turn your text carefully in the right direction.

Layers - Convert to raster layer.

Remove Vector layer 1 and raster layer 3.

Activate your top layer.

Effects - Plugins - MuRa's Seamless - Emboss at Alpha - same settings as before.

Step 6

Add your name and/or watermark.

Layers - Merge - Merge all (Flatten).

Step 7

Image - Add borders - Symmetric - 5 pixels - background color (in some versions you have to merge them first).

Select this border with your Magic wand - with these settings:

Selections - Invert.

Effects - Plugins - BorderMania - Frame #2 - see image below:

With these settings:

Selections - Select none.

Step 8

File - Export - JPEG Optimalisation.

Compression value - 20.

Name your crea - click save and you're done!


I loved making this lesson, I hope you enjoyed making this tutorial :-)


Roni, thank you so very much for checking the English version for me.

Hugs Zial


This lesson was written by Zial on February 20, 2010.

This lesson is and remains the property of Zial.

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This lesson is designed by me, so any agreement with other tutorials is purely coincidental.