Gerrie, thank you very much for your permission that I may translate your tutorials.

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This tutorial was made in PSP X2, but can also be made in the other versions.


For this lesson you need the following plugin:

MuRa's Seamless - Shift at Zigzag

You can download the plugin

Place or install the plugins in your Plugin folder.

If you have to install plugins, you have to restart your PSP, so they work immediately.


you can download the materials.

It contains: 2 tubes.


The tubes are by Sorensen Designs and Thafs.

Thank you so much for the beautiful tubes.

Please don't remove the watermark.

The Copyright belongs to the original artist.

Let the credit to the maker.


Step 1

Open the tubes in PSP - minimize them for now.

Set your foreground color to #e1d0b4 (or at your choice).

Set your background color to #784b2e (or at your choice).

Open a transparent image of 1024 x 500 pixels.

Selections - Select all.

Copy tube 'woman_226_tubed_by_thafs'.

Paste into the selections.

Selections - Select none.

Step 2

Layers - New raster layer.

Selections - Select all.

Copy tube 'woman_226_tubed_by_thafs'.

Paste into the selection.

Selections - Select none.

Effects - Image effects - Seamless tiling - default settings.

Effects - 3D effects - Distortion effects - Polar coordinates - with these settings:

Effects - 3D effects - Geometric effects - Circle - with these settings:

Repeat this effect 2x.

Step 3

Activate your Magic wand - Outside checked - with these settings:

Click with your Magic wand in the upper part and in the bottom part.

Press Delete.

Step 4

Layers - New raster layer.

Copy tube 'Sorensen_Designs Mist Al Hogue Aug 117-10'.

Paste into the selection.

Selections - Select none.

Change the Blend mode of this layer to Luminance (L).

Effects - Plugins - MuRa's Seamless - Shift at Zigzag - with these settings:

Step 5

Activate your top layer.

Copy tube 'woman_226_tubed_by_thafs'.

Paste as a new layer on your working image.

Step 6

Layers - New raster layer.

Add your name and/or watermark.

Layers - Merge - Merge all (Flatten).

Step 7

Image - Resize - Width 700 pixels - All layers checked.

Save your crea as a jpg file and you're done!


I hope you enjoyed making this tutorial :-)


This lesson was written by Gerrie on December 17, 2011.

This lesson is and remains the property of Gerrie.

You are not allowed to copy or distribute my lessons without my written permission.

All my lessons are self designed ... so any agreement is purely coincidental.

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Translated by Zial on June 4, 2013