Harlekina, thank you very much for your permission that I may translate your tutorials.

Unfortunately her site is no longer online.


For this lesson you need Animation Shop (AS)

and the following plugin:

AAA Frames - Texture Frames

Nufsoft.Nature.Illusion.Studio.v.2.91 isn't a plugin, but an external programme (in zip).

You can download the plugin


you can download the materials.

It contains: 2 tubes - 1 picture.

Niki and Patries, thank you very much for your beautiful tubes.

Open the tubes and the picture in PSP.


** Step 1 **

Activate picture 'wasserfealle-118', this is your working image.

Image - Resize - Width 700 pixels - Height 525 pixels.

Copy tube '1220640186_hommes.pspimage'.

Paste as a new layer on your working image.

Image - Resize - 3x 80% - All layers not checked.


** Step 2 **

Copy tube '1Patries_cls-oceansbetween Steve Walker-31-7-07'.

Paste as a new layer on your working image.

Image - Mirror.

Place him right below - see image below:

Layers - Merge - Merge all (Flatten).

Edit - Copy.


** Step 3 **

Image - Add borders - 2 pixels - black.

Image - Add borders 20 pixels - color #83a2d9.

Select this border with your Magic wand (Tolerance and Feather 0).

Layers - New raster layer.

Edit - Paste into the selection (it's still in memory).

Lower the Opacity of this layer to 50.

Image - Add borders - 2 pixels - color black.


** Step 4 **

Effects - Texture effects - Fur - with these settings:

Effects - Plugins - AAA Frames - Texture Frame - with these settings:

Selections - Select none.

Layers - Merge - Merge all (Flatten).

Image - Resize - Width 700 pixels - Height 525 pixels.

Add your name and/or watermark.

Save your crea as a jpg file.


** Step 5 **

Open Nature Illusion Studio - click on Create a new project:

Click Load image and find your the crea you just saved (the name is just an example):

Remove the checkmark at 'Add to Water Illusion Screensaver Playlist'.

Give your picture a name:

Click OK.


** Step 6 **

Click on Preset - choose Waterfall - see image below:

At the top you can see 'Pen Size'.

Move the slider to the left so it fits nicely on the waterfall:


** Step 7 **

Ironing now with the mouse in the waterfall, it turns blue:

Look occasionally with preview if the animation goes well:


** Step 8 **

If you are satisfied with the animation, click 'Build Gif':

Set the settings as shown below:

Click on Create.

Give your creation a name and you're done!


I wrote this lesson with much pleasure and hope you enjoyed making this lesson :-)


Harlekina All rights reserved

March 14, 2012


If you have questions or something else to report, please mail me, I will react as soon as possible.

I would appreciate it, if you put your creation in my Guestbook.

Please make sure that it's not greather than 500 pixels on the longest side.

The creations that stand out in my Guestbook, I will put them in the slideshow on my site.

And maybe I will put him in this lesson.


Translated by Zial on January 23, 2013