Have a Great day



This lesson was made in PSP 9, but can also be made in the other versions.


Materials here:

It contains: font, gradient and tube.

The tube is by BP, you find her site here, her TOU here.



Open PSP.

Open your tube in PSP.

Place the gradient in your gradient folder.

Open the font and minimize it, or load fonts by Tool of font FXplorer and it's in your font in PSP.


Step 1

Set your foreground color to #f7fbf4 - or at your choice.

Set your background color to #ff648c - or at your choice.

Set your background to gradient 'Blur Background' - with these settings:

Activate your tube.

Image - Canvas size - with these settings:

Move your tube a bit up with your Distortion tool.


Step 2

Layers - New raster layer.

Layers - Arrange - Send to bottom.

Flood fill your image with your foreground color.


Step 3

Layers - New raster layer.

Flood fill this layer with your gradient.

Adjust - Blur - Gaussian blur - 25.


Step 4

Layers - New raster layer.

Selections - Select all.

Effects - 3D Effects - Cutout - shadow color black - with these settings:

Repeat Cutout with Vert and Hor to minus 1.

Selections - Select none.

Activate your tube layer (the top layer).


Step 5

Layers - Duplicate.

Activate the original layer.

Effects - Distortion effects - Wind - Left - 100 - see image below:

Repeat with Right - 100.

Activate your top layer.

Effects - 3D Effects - Inner bevel - with these settings:

Effects - 3D Effects - Drop shadow:

Vert and Hor 3 - Opacity 50 - Blur 5 - color black.


Step 6

Activate your Text tool - with these settings:

Switch your colors, so that your background has color #f7fbf4.

Close your foreground color.

Type your text - I choose 'Have a great day'.

Objects - Align - Hor. center in canvas - see image below:

Move your text a bit down.

Layers - Convert to raster layer.

Effects - 3D Effects - Drop shadow - same settings as before.


Step 7

Layers - New raster layer.

Add your name and/or watermark.

Layers - Merge - Merge all (Flatten).

File - Export - JPEG-Optimalization.

Optimalization value to 20.

Give your crea a name and you're done!


I really enjoyed writing this lesson, I hope you enjoyed making it :-)

Hugs Zial




By Zial ~ February 15, 2010