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Michèle, merci beaucoup pour votre permission de traduire vos leçon.

Thank you Michèle, for your permission to translate your beautiful tutorials.


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You need 6 pictures/photo's of your own.

Make 5 of them no longer then 250 pixels, longest side.

Adjust - Sharpness - Sharpen.

If you want to use a part of the photo/picture, use your Selection tool - Rectangle and select the part you want to use.

Edit - Copy - Paste as a new image.

For all these 5 images:

Image - Add borders - Symmetric - 5 pixels - color white.


you can download the materials.

It contains: 1 tube - 1 brush - 1 mask - 1 font.

Open the font and minimize it.


The tube is by Manon.


Thank you so much for your beautiful tubes.


The other tubes are unknown to me.

If they are yours, please let me know so I can give you the proper credit.


Stap 1

Open the tubes, the brush and the mask in PSP - minimize them for now.

Activate the brush:

File - Export - Custom brush - name it and save it.

Set your foreground color to #2c4d54.

Set your background color to #ebeff0.

Open a transparent image of 750 x 650 pixels.

Flood fill your image with your foreground color.

Of course you can add a texture of your choice.

Step 2

Open the photo/picture with no white border.

Image - Resize - Width 500 pixels.

Layers - New mask layer - From image - find mask '2' - with these settings:

Layers - Merge - Merge group.

Edit - Copy.

Paste as a new layer on your working image.

Place the photo upper left - see main image.

Step 3

Copy the first photo/picture you want in the middle of your crea.

Paste as a new layer on your working image.

Do the same with the other photo's/pictures - see image below as example:

Of course you can place them as you like.

Save your crea as a psp file.

Step 4

Open a new transparent image of 250 x 30 or 32 pixels.

Flood fill this image with your background color.

Image - Add borders - Symmetric - 1 pixel - foreground color.

Edit - Copy.

Paste as a new layer on your working image.

Place it almost on top of your crea - see main image.

Layers - Duplicate - repeat 1x.

For placing see main image or at your choice.

Activate your Eraser - with these settings:

Erase both ends of all three text boxes, so it looks like they are ripped off.

Set the Opacity of these layers to 50.

Step 5

Activate your Text tool - font HandmadeScript-Regular - size at your choice.

Type your text and place it in the middle of the text box.

Give the other 2 labels also a text.

You can: Image - Rotate - Free rotate - Right or Left - 10, 20 or 30 pixels.

Adjust - Sharpness - Sharpen (for every text layer).

Merge every box and text down.

Step 6

 Open tube 'manon_kit_mai07_elm17'.

Copy the selected paperclip.

Paste as a new layer on your working image.

Effects - 3D effects - Drop shadow:

Vert and Hor 1 - Opacity 70 - Blur 1 - color black.

Place the paperclip on the top right image.

Layers - Duplicate - as often as you want.

Place them where you want them.

Activate your Eraser.

Erase the parts of the paperclips that are supposed to be behind the pictures.

Step 7

 Layers - New raster layer.

Add your name and/or watermark.

Layers - Merge - Merge all (Flatten.

Step 8

Layers - New raster layer.

Activate your Brush tool - find brush 'kittenslair grungeborder3'.

Stamp it with your background color in the lower right corner.

Layers - Duplicate - Image - Mirror.

Layers - Merge - Merge down.

Layers - Duplicate - Image - Flip.

Step 9

Image - Add borders - Symmetric - 1, 2 or 3 pixels - foreground color.


 Save your crea as a jpg file and you're done!


I hope you enjoyed making this lesson :-)


Hugs Michèle


This lesson was written by Michèle on October 8, 2008.

This lesson is and remains the property of Michèle.

You are not allowed to copy or distribute her lessons without her written permission.

All her lessons are self designed, so any agreement is purely coincidental.


Translated by Zial on December 31, 2016