Lesson 2

Mieke, heel erg bedankt voor je toestemming om deze mooie les te mogen vertalen.

Thank you Mieke, for your permission to translate your beautiful tutorials.

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This tutorial was made in PSP 9, but can also be made in the other versions.


For this lesson you need the following plugin:

Krusty's FX vol. II 2.0 - Generator G-1 (Radial)

You can download the plugin

Place or install the plugin to your Plugin folder.


you can download the materials.

It contains: 3 tubes - 1 selection.

Place the selection in your Selection folder.


The tubes are by Brigitte and Joluvsdogs.

Thank you so much for your beautiful tubes.

The other tube is unknown to me.

If it's yours, please let me know so I can give you the proper credit.


Step 1

Set your foreground color to #e6d4af.

Set your background color to #734723.

Set your foreground to gradient 'Foreground-background' -

Linear - Angle 0 - Repeats 0 - Invert not checked.

Open a white image of 715 x 390 pixels.

Flood fill this image with your gradient.

Step 2

Layers - New raster layer.

Click on your Selection tool - Rectangle - see image below:

Custom selection - with these settings:

Flood fill the selection with your foreground color.

Step 3

Selections - Modify - Contract - 4 pixels.

Press Delete.

Flood fill with your background color.


Effects - Plugins - Krusty's FX vol. II 2.0 - Generator G-1 (Radial) - default settings.

Selections - Select none.

Step 4

Copy tube 'readycowgirl_joluvsdogs'.

Paste as a new layer on your working image.

Place her on the right side and down, a little from the right edge.

Effects - 3D effects - Drop shadow:

Vert and Hor 2 - Opacity 70 - Blur 20 - color black.

Step 5

Selections - Load/save selection - Load selection from disk - load selection 'mb2' - default settings.

Switch your colors.

Layers - New raster layer.

Flood fill this layer with your gradient.

Effects - Texture effects - Weave - color white and your background color - with these settings:

Selections - Select none.

Effects - 3D effects - Drop shadow - same settings as before.

Place it on the left side - see main image.

Layers - Duplicate - Image - Mirror.

Place it a little over the woman's arm, so that the straight part of her arm is gone - see main image.

Step 6

Copy tube 'Mtm_Kerst_18 okt 2006'.

Paste as a new layer on your working image.

Place it between the two curved lines.

Step 7

Copy tube 'ketting'.

Paste as a new layer on your working image.

Place it on top of your crea, between the curved lines - see main image.

Place the light so, that it looks like it hangs to the chain.

Step 8

Activate your Eraser - with these settings:

Zoom in and erase carefully the line.

If you are satisfied, zoom out.

Effects - 3D effects - Drop shadow - same settings as before.

Step 9

Layers - New raster layer.

Add your name and/or watermark.

Layers - Merge - Merge all (Flatten).

Step 10

Image - Add borders - Symmetric - 2 pixels - background color.

Adjust - Sharpness - Unsharp mask: 1 - 64 - 4.

Save your crea as a jpg file and you're done!


I hope you enjoyed making this lesson.

Hugs Mieke


This lesson was written by Mieke.

This lesson is and remains the property of Mieke.

You are not allowed to copy or distribute her lessons without her written permission.

All her lessons are self designed ... so any agreement is purely coincidental.


Translated by Zial on September 4, 2015